Monday, 5 September 2011

Fosters Office now

With Built Environment working on a new set of Space Master Planning I was looking again at the info on the work area at Norman Foster & Partners Architects. Particularly how their space has transformed with the change to digital practices.

Remember these two images showing their office in 1990 and then 2007 (2008 blog post).

[shots of Foster's office from 1990 and 2007 showing the impact of computers on their practice - via Foster's 2007 TED talk]

Looking at the Fosters site today we get this image showing every person has the 2 screen setup, still with the highly open-plan config (not even partitions). There are shots of the wonderful models in other parts of the space (plus you can spot them dotted around inside the space as well.

[Norman Foster and Associates Architects work/office floor interior today - via their website]


HCMA Vancouver Offices / HCMA shows another example of an open plan Architectural Practice. The article on ArchDaily gives us quite a good look at the logic and design of the spaces - once again computers are front and centre and this is a challenge for educators of Architecture students to deliver in a meaningful way.

[HCMA Vancouver Offices via ArchDaily]