Saturday, 29 October 2011

Muppets, Cubes, Robots, Bandai and CryEngine

A mixed bag post here, just some things I felt needed a little air-time.

I have to start with this super poster from Disney that brings together the Muppets and Cap (via FirstShowing).
[Disney's Muppets promo poster]

Now, what is not to love about lego, rubik's cubes, robots and smart phone apps - bring them together and we get things like the CubeStormerII.

I like having models of things on my shelves and one source of such things are the Bandai kits. The GundamModelKits site covers them in great detail and shows how cool they are. I only have a few of the little squat ones, but they are fun to build (even with the kids) and have a nice/dramatic design aesthetic (see also Collect3D)

[Bandai model imagery via GundamModelKits and Collect3D]

What the community can do with the mighty CryEngine2 is superb, but seeing the CryTek staff playing with shaders and more complex effects is very cool - like Cry-Styves work shown in these images (see thread).

[Cry-Styves CryEngine shader images]

Lastly these videos look like they will be cool - showing a Unity Project from start to fin!!!!

X-Men First Class

Just finished watching X-Men: First Class (blu-ray) and had a blast. Seeing all these characters from the books woven into the new tale along with events from world history. Going back into the back story of our main protagonists  (ProfX and Magneto) holds everything together - action and the human stories alike.

The sound and music was super, bringing all the mutants powers together and continuing the work from the previous films. I liked all the casting, with each bringing something more to the characters (gotta love Kevin Bacon as well). The CG effects are gorgeous and flawlessly integrated while keeping a nice old-school 60s feel to the whole film.There is a little more info on Luma Pictures work on the film in CGSociety's Feature.

First some imagery from the film itself (it looks so good in HD) showing off some character designs and CG overlays thanks to DuBlu's review:

[Shots from X-Men: First Class via DuBlu - shrunk, see site for fulls]

Then here is some concept art from the film.
First some Jamie Rama environment concept art pieces:
[Jamie Rama X-Men: First Class concept art via his blog]

Lastly some character concepts by Howard Swindell:

[Howard Swindell X-Men: First Class concept art via his blog]

Friday, 28 October 2011

Comicon Challenge 2011

The final round entries in this years GameArtesans competition as part of Comicon are up. Here are some of the coolest pieces (my feel) from the Comicon Challenge 2011 - Alternate Universe, there are heaps more on display through the site as well as the threads detailing the various creations.

One of the things I love about this challenge is that we get to see under the skin of the pieces, the 3D entries reveal to us how the artists modelled, textured and posed these mini-masterpieces. All the more impressive with the teensie pixel and texture limits.
This isnt just about the graphical or modelling talent, this comp is filled with design and character-driven thinking.


[5 3D entries in the Comicon Challenge 2011 via the official site]


[2 2D entries in the Comicon Challenge 2011 via the official site]

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mangachasing and other Mangaring

The Mangachasers have some fun videos showing off some cool techniques and style. While I think Manga can get a bit formulaic/samey there is no doubt that it can look super cool and nice Manga creation is a joy to behold.

The MangaChasers Youtube Channel has plenty more where that came from, all worth every second.


There are some lovely vids and sketches by Mark Crilley on his channel as well:


While we are at it, here are a few more magarish vids: