Friday, 20 January 2012


The number of quality MMOs active now is vast and more join the fun all the time. No brand new MMO can get it right out of the box, but SWTOR seems to be doing better than most. There is a pervading logic to the gameplay for the whole genre which only changes slightly across an array of titles. Even though there is alot of sameyness, within each game they do cater to different playstyles of course. There is the trend towards Free2play with Star Trek Online joining City of Heroes, LOTRO and others.
With things only shifting slowly in the MMO arena it does leave the space open for bold experiments in this space, but it is very very expensive to try. There are lots of little things that I would like to see evolve, find a way not to need separate 'servers' for people - bring the community together in one vast 'world' (EVE style). Have the AI/NPCs go about their lives and not stand there ready for us to slay right in front of the next set. See if we can find a way to have what is done stay done, how many thousands of times must players retrieve the locket for an NPC before they stop losing is at the bottom of a flooded mine... I like what Bioware have done with the story side of SWTOR and some of the promises that Guild Wars 2 might bring are interesting.

Anyhow, lets throw in some gorgeous visuals from some of these titles - oh if there was time to taste them all !!!

Star Trek Online
Now free2play and looking great even under the shadow that is SWTOR at the moment. The graphics dont seem to have the fidelity that I would like to see though, to pick up a game I want to be excited by it on multiple levels.

[STO Screenshots via the official site]


Guild Wars 2
A better update soon, but this video is great great great and a pair of teaser screenshots before I look in more detail as well.

[Guild Wars 2 Screenshots via the official site]


As always I like to swing by to see where things are at as well, but really all the big news at the moment is around Star Wars the Old Republic. Here is their upcoming changes vid:

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