Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Some Neato Optical Illusions

This photo that created such a wonderful accidental optical illusion is one I have been meaning to blog about for a while. As with most of my favourite illusions, I love how it still works so well even after the illusion is seen/revealed. Plus I just like the simplicity here.

This next one has done the rounds on various sites, and though it looks like Beyonce it is an Indian Actress whos name escapes me for the sec. I love the reaction you get from people for this one - the gasps! Even though we know the science for this, it is still so so cool.

This trippy image is far more potent than many of this type and really does show off how easy it is to trick our big brains. This one is so active it feels like an animated gif. Similarly these ones with the animated dots are cool as well.

Here are the links to these with the commentary on the Mighty Optical Illusions site - though they are sourced from all over the place:
Flying Carpet
Inverse Actress
Trippy Bean Wall

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