Sunday, 8 January 2012

SW-TOR Tempation

With the release of Star Wars : The Old Republic MMO by BIOWARE the temptation to head over and join the Jedi and Sith going at it is very high. When we were all blown away by each cinematic trailer as it came, I was somewhat let down by the actual gameplay footage. But now watching more videos the look isnt bad and the storytelling focus that BIOWARE have brought to the MMO looks very attractive.

MMOs generally arent too hot when they first release and take some time to mature, generally the longer the better. Even the king of the MMO, WoW, is a vastly improved game now than the revelation it was all those years ago at release time. So, dive in now with all the hype or wait until things settle and the content starts fleshing out and the initial chaotic bubble of players calms down??
The key is clearly having some friends (or family) to play with and everyone's fun and investment in WoW is always there - calling...

Before we throw some cool videos showing off characters, story, gameplay and more - check out the CGSociety article for some info and imagery on design and modelling for the game.

[SWTOR Modelling images via the CGSociety article]

ok VID Time:

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