Monday, 30 January 2012


Here are a few videos that present some interesting ideas and realisations with the medium.

This is a super clever mashup taking an armada of  movie clips to bring Lionel's song to life in a whole new way. Some nice patience in the editing as well and something that would be fun to try if only I knew how to start such a thing - finding all the clips one at a time...

Green Hornet Multi Split Screen
We were talking about split screen ideas for work the other day and that reminded me of this sequence in the Green Hornet - lovely stuff.

Some nice CG work to bring this concept to life for the intro of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

New Vimeo
This is a clever little vid showing off where Vimeo is headed, such nice editing and realisation.

Address is Approximate
One last classy realisation of an elegant idea

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