Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Skuther WIP

There are plenty of talented people making CryEngine and various 3D support tools do impressive things for us. New Yorker Neolight has a thread as part of his level design work that shows off his creative development and now creation WIP for his town nestled high in the rocky pillars, Skuther.

Here we have a good concept which has been developed in its larger scope, the finer details and the mood to be presented. He doesnt mention sound, but I can imagine there might be some nice audio to accompany a city in the sky with schools of bird fish hiding from the wind and aerial predators.

I love looking at the concept sheets, they are full of ideas and reveal so much of the effort that goes into a pretty final graphic. How good is the WIP ingame shot looking - hitting lots of the highs in the concept already:

[WIP Skuther images by Neolight via his thread on www.worldofleveldesign.net]


This is exactly the type of project I want to be doing - can I find the energy and time to get onto it with enough dedication??

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