Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trollkin and more

Here are some cool illustrations of Trollkin by Jay Axer from his DeviantArt gallery. He has been working on these for the Trollbloods book for Privateer Press' Hordes game and these images show off the great work. This sort of imagery has lots of overlap with concept art, but the product is refined to a fully rendered up piece at the end.

Taking the idea of the Trollkin and fleshing out the details is what we see here in spades, all those nice lumpy bits. The images slot together the serious and comical for us, with the light hearted elements portrayed with enough seriousness to make them also cool and look dangerous.

Anyhow, enjoy this little preview of the work, and check out the rest on the site - including much more than these blue dudes:

[Trollkin images from Jay Axer's DeviantArt gallery]

Hell, here are a couple of his other pieces from his card art for the Chaotic CCG - they are just so good:

[More images from Jay Axer's DeviantArt gallery]

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