Friday, 17 February 2012


HP have announced their new all-in-one workstation, the Z1. Sporting flashy animated intros showing off the iMac style machine brimming with high-end components behind that 27 screen. With all the workstation machines we use in FBE, it will be interesting to see how well this slots into our lineup. We do get Xeon processors and can spec in bunches of RAM and various HDD options. I like the speed boost we are seeing in our beefy laptops from the SSD with larger spindle drive for data in there as well.

Graphics-wise we max out at the 4000M, which you might think I might find a little underdone for a 'desktop' - as in it has the M (mobile) version of the NVIDIA chip. But that would actually be fine if we couldnt already spec our HP 8760W laptops to the uber 4GB 5010M and it is (more) portable as well.

A few promo images from HP:

[HP Z1 promo images via the HP site]

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