Thursday, 8 March 2012

Crytek CineBox & GDC News

With the activity at GDC 2012 (see Gamesutra's coverage for all the details) from Crytek we have snippets of news to keep us enthused. The most interesting for me is the newly named CineBox version of the CryEngine with all the tools for cinematic work (previs, pitchvis, postvis, etc). This toolset may even be nicer for some of the simulation and visualisation work done here in UNSW Built Environment using the standard engine at present.
The release from Crytek on CryEngine 3 CineBox (Cinema Sandbox) says they are gearing up for a commercial release in mid-2012 which is temptingly close now (assuming it happens). Some of the nice things listed include: FBX import, DX11+, Area lights, Rendered Output, Realistic cameras and Maya Scene LiveSync.
Plus for GDC Crytek will be covering "next-generation DX 11 graphics and tools upgrades, Cinebox, creating characters for CryENGINE, AI Systems, UI Actions and Flow Graph and After Action feature set for Serious Games."

Here is the 2011 trailer (from a year ago now) - but still looking amazing:

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Anonymous said...

I hope that those updates make it oaver to CryEninge 3... I mean the "open to everyone" version... MAAAN that's going to be SO GOOD!!