Sunday, 11 March 2012


French legendary illustrator and comic artist Jean Giraud AKA MOEBIUS has passed away leaving behind a portfolio of unique splendour. Perhaps the most comprehensive coverage of his work is over on the Quenched Consciousness blog (thanks Ian MacEwan).

His work spans a nice array of genres and styles, but his always managed to bring something new and wonderfully quaint or mysteriously odd to the material. Here are some of the posters he did for Marvel in 1990 that illustrate the point (see Fred Schiller's post for more):

[Moebius images via Fred Schiller]

But it is pieces like these that really inspire me, fascinating worlds full of detail, yet to cleanly presented. The sense of proportion in the subject and the frame is inspiring.

[Moebius images via Quenched Consciousness]

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Hak said...

A great one has left us. Au revoir, my friend, thank you for sharing visions of your dreams.