Thursday, 29 March 2012

Planetside2 Dev

I know quite a few people who have fond memories of Planetside and the lure of a full upgrade will be powerful indeed - enter Planetside2. The idea of a persistent world full FPS goodness of ground troops, vehicles and advancement all with vast numbers of players is super and SOE look to be on the right track.

These are some super videos on gameinformer of the concept artists doing some real magic with photoshop:
PlanetSide 2 Time-Lapse Weapon Design
Exclusive Video: PlanetSide 2 Artist Time-lapse

Plus these vids showing off the factions which also gives us a peek at the geometry of the models as well which is cool

A couple of images from the game via the official site:

Check beta glimpses at sites like MMORPG and even sign up at the official site.

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