Friday, 25 May 2012

123D Catch

Autodesk's new 123D Catch software allows us to take an array of simple photos of a space or object and then it does all the hard work of building up a 3D model for us. This tech isnt perfect yet by any means, but this is simple PC or iPad software that anyone can wield that creates an impressive mesh from just a handful of pics. This was photofly in previous incarnations, but lets see how time has improved things for us.

These images show my first experiment (my desk featuring Win7, Win8 and OSX machines). Because all the heavy lifting happens up in Autodeskland somewhere, I dont get to leverage my desktop firepower, though for many people that would be a good thing. Some of the interface is a little counter-intuitive strangely - having username boxes with NOT password boxes beneath them for example. A few times now trying to upgrade the mesh it does all the hard work then complains about file saving - oh well. Not sure how to get rid of the holes that the process creates with flat colour (white and grey in my case) or the nice melted look that I get - all fun though.

Anyhow, all up, really clever stuff and could actually be super useful to quickly generate geometry to bring into a real-time environment for visualisation, simulation or mock-ups of various sorts. The site also offers an easy way to get laser-cutting and 3D Printing which is clever.

--- EDIT ---

Just had to add this image of the interface with the polys showing - just so so groovy:

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