Thursday, 31 May 2012

BeamNG and Nexuiz

CryEngine is still the engine of choice here in Built Environment, UNSW for a host of real-time applications from students learning design to visualisation and research simulation. So it is fun to see new developments and projects in this space like these:

BeamNG = Soft Body Physics in CryEngine 3. This is some pretty remarkable handling of deformation, breaking and physics, a nice step up. What real-time engines can do these days with all the visual fidelity plus the simulation calculations = super.

[BeamNG via their youtube preview]


A new FPS Shooter, Nexuiz, with a nicely named high-graphics 'Stupid Mode' with all the CryEngine 3 tessellations etc running.

[Nexuiz Stupid mode comparison via the CryDev blog]

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