Tuesday, 22 May 2012

CeBIT 2012

Sydney's Darling Harbour is a nice setting for CeBIT and the 2012 version is pretty neat. I havent been to a CeBIT for a few years now, but I was glad to see that we have some of the bigger hardware players back exhibiting again. Note I am referring to the Exhibition here and not the Conference, not sure what that is like.
Anyhow with bigger commercial groups like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Alienware to name a few we get a suite of digital eye-candy. Add to this a small army of booths either showcasing or using large screens and there is plenty to see.

I loved the large touch screens on show from folk like Samsung and eBoard. Seeing the Microsoft Surface 2.0 technology in action is great, all those touch points and now so neat and tidy with the LCD panels. eBoard's 82" beast just looks super, though the slightly smaller (attractively priced) non-glossy versions are actually very tempting (both in vertical and horizontal configs).

I always like the exhibits from the researchers like CSIRO and the universities. Shout out to Russell Lowe and the rest of the UNSW Realtime Porosity team for their exhibit featuring sensors on the model of central Sydney linked to the CryEngine simulation.
The CSIRO simulations and AR were fun as was the virtual open-cut mine using Unity.

Anyhow, well worth a visit if you have time in the next 2 days...

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