Saturday, 12 May 2012

Iron Sky

When I first found out about this little film (not that long ago) it had the feel of an internet piece - armed with a cool premise that they ran with to extremes and some gorgeous special effects, where could Iron Sky go wrong. This is no big budget epic, but if you go in with the right mind-set it is a fun ride chock full of ideas from zany through cool to ridiculous.

OK, so we have Nazis invading from the dark side of the Moon with Sarah Palin presiding over the US in 2018. The ensuing battle is on multiple fronts is certainly fun with the US (and others) coming in for lots of satirical carnage. I went in (Cinema) with the idea that even if it felt like a long long trailer then it would be worth every minute. The film is actually much slower in pace than that, taking its time with things. For the most part it works and there are enough memorable moments to make it a talking piece which is more than many films can boast. All up, a cool ride overflowing with ideas.

The CG work is impressive for a film of this magnitude, As detailed in the CGSociety Feature, they use Maya, Lightwave, Nuke, Creative Suite and RenderPal at the core of their pipeline with just 20 people creating all the wizardry we enjoy up on the big screen. To think that CG has stabilised to the point where effects work of this quality can be done with only a small group of humans and computers is impressive. The space battles are great to see, both for the design of the craft as well as the quality and dynamics.
These 2 vids show off the CG/VFX work in the film:

Here are a few images including some concept illustrations that would have been so fun to do, great material to work with.

[Iron Sky images via the official site]

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