Tuesday, 8 May 2012

LEGO Supers and Cuusoo

Lego, what is not to love about all those wonderful little bricks hailing from far off Denmark since the 1940s. Apart from existing franchise sets like those for Harry Potter, Pirates and Star Wars (which are super, even if hard to afford) we have new things like the upcoming Lord of the Rings and the new Super Hero stuff for DC and Marvel now to tie in with the Avengers.

Here are some of the Superhero sets that are luring us into toy sections:

[LEGO Superhero sets, images via the official site]

Plus to see some superb creativity, go to the Cuusoo site where talented folk are creating designs for sets they would love to see officially released. Here are images of some of the ideas, it is clearly challenging to do more than build something, but build something that could actually be a viable product for LEGO. A design would need to have a sane number of bricks, enough broad appeal, good structural integrity and build-ability and then just look good:

[LEGO Cuusoo sets via the official site]

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