Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rapoza Turtles

As soon as I saw Dave Rapoza's rendition of Raphael in ImagineFX 83 I knew I had to post here. Then when you find Dave's Deviant Art Gallery filled with the rest of the TMNT crew and rogues gallery we are treated to a real feast. Dave manages to retain a slight comic feel while showing characters with mass, age, emotion, texture and loads of cool. Dave's blog has WIP imagery, lucky for us he cant help but post, even when things arent done - plus he takes care during his work to grab things, so we get sequences like this for his Venom piece.

[Dave Rapoza Venom imagery via his Blog]

Here are some of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pieces, check out his gallery for more, but I had to post the 4 main turtles to lure you over there to see April and the rest of the gang. I have very fond memories of the old Eastman and Laird comics and I do like these versions:

[Dave Rapoza TMNT imagery via his Deviant Art Gallery]

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