Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Real-time Grunt

With the arrival of the Nvidia GTX 680, more things opened up for us on our journey to have real-time graphics that are astoundingly believable and impressively immersive. The Nvidia's Kepler GTX 680: Powering the Next Gen article on GameSpot by Mark Walton does a great job of bringing us the videos and info behind the scenes.

First up, I really love this image of the GTX680 die, gorgeously techie.

[Nvidia GTX680 die via Gamespot]

Here are the 3 videos from the article, first Unreal's demo of some wonderful facial and character goodies as part of a full sequence that really shows where we are at with respect to real-time cinematics. Then two demos that show physX doing some magic with fur and destruction.

Plus, if you have the will (and cash) you could fire up 4 of these babies in quad-SLI fashion just like this:

Hell, while we are here, I havent linked in this video before from last year showing off a mesmerizing real-time journey through a ever repeating structure.

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