Thursday, 10 May 2012

Shellrazer Dev Blog

One of the cool spots I came across the other day, I think via twitter (thanks to whoever that was) is the Dev Blog for SLICK and their current game in the works: Shellrazer. The blog with superb concept art and illustrations by Jesse Turner (Jouste) which really makes popping in there worth the trip over and above reading about the gameplay and other elements. The game itself looks extra cool with Jouste's artwork bringing to life the goblin fighting giant armoured snails. I like the concept art images the most, though the new screenshot imagery that is starting to appear is pretty fun as well.

I wish I could see how he actually creates these pieces, the workflow (gleaning SketchbookPro and Photoshop from one of his pages). The images have such nice dynamics while remaining crisp and clean.

Check out the Dev-Blog for more, but here are a handful of images to show things off:

[Shellrazer artwork by Jouste via the Dev-Blog (actually Jouste's DeviantArt Gallery]

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