Thursday, 24 May 2012

Towers and Generators

Two parts to this post, first looking at some of the amazing high-rise towers going up in Korea and then some cool software to generate design optimisation.

Yongsan International Business District
The Dezeen articles on this extravagant development in South Korea really show off the 'fun' Seoul will get by 2024 (not right around the corner). We get master planning by Daniel Libeskind backed by a flotilla of international architectural names like  MVRDV, BIG, Renzo Piano, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Dominique Perrault, SOM, Coop Himmelb(l)au, REX, Tange Associates, Murphy/Jahn, Asymptote Architecture, Riken Yamamoto & Fieldshop, 5+Design and Studio Daniel Libeskind for individual project wizardry.

This sort of development is dominated by the signature high-rise towers, allowing architects to work at this grand scale. There are certainly some interesting designs in the suite and even if as a collection it feels jumbled and disorganised/inharmonious, perhaps that is what cities are actually like. As long as each vast architectural statement is crafted with quality and care, I am hopeful that the whole would benefit. The comments on the site are pretty scathing, but maybe that is just what 'comments' are these days - people unloading with no attempt at middle ground. I like Perrault's Blade and R6 by REX is interesting.

One of the nice things about this is we get a whole host of visualisation imagery showing off the designs themselves and the talents of the CG wizards who get to do their thing. Here are a handful of images from the Dezeen articles - head over there for heaps more and as always plenty of info to boot:

[YIBD Architecture visualisations via Dezeen]

Galapagos Evolutionary Solver
Start with Rhino, add Grasshopper then supplement with Galapagos to do some pretty interesting problem solving. This teaser video shows how this toolset, a bunch of rules and the interface allow for some very complex resolutions of multiple criteria to be made by a designer.

I know this video frame doesnt look cool (but trust me - hit that play button and see how the software allows for the generation of complex optimised architecture).

[Sample Galapagos screen via the Grasshopper site]

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