Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Apple Notebook Design

With another years WWDC releases out from behind the secretive veil of Apple marketing we can see what they have been busily working on. There is always something fun, even if it comes with all the Appleness and this time we have shiny new MacBook Pro pair which they certainly know how to make look stunning on the web. Even though I haven't seen one in the flesh, you can tell it is going to be a superbly crafted piece of hardware and about as thin and sexy as a laptop of this grade can possibly be at this time.

[Apple's new MacBook Pro with retina display looking super thin - via official site]

In terms of the specs we are getting a 650M graphics chip which is pretty good actually (47 on Notebook Check) plus nice SSD drives and other components. The mighty retina display brings 2880x1800 res to the laptop screen, that is unheard of and a real boon. I like the notion of the quieter fans, seems clever. We dont get an ethernet port here - need an adapter for that (or wireless) plus an adapter for VGA or anything apart from thunderbolt for that matter.

Interestingly we didn't get touch on the screen or any real deign logic shift in the form factor of the laptop at all. Apple is still thinking that gestures are for the touchpad only, but I quite like that I can scroll or point out things on my HP2760p with touch on the screen when showing people things. Apple isnt quite ready yet to make the laptop into a big iSomething, to make IOS the master. In fact with Mountain Lion and these new MBPs the full OS seems pretty strong still - even if Apple's destiny is more mobile.

It actually quite annoying how the official Apple video talking about this design keep hammering how revolutionary it is, how they started again and have created something so new. For me this is a beautiful piece of iterative design, certainly not anything revolutionary at all. This isnt like the iPad or iPhone, this is a nice laptop - a very nice laptop. It does cost though - a quick spec up got me to $4K with warranty and the basic pieces that I would be hunting for in comparison with the HPs...

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