Friday, 15 June 2012

CE3 Fortress

3D environment artist Vincent Mayeur has created a full medieval fortress and valley complete with cascading waterfalls in CryEngine 3. The splendour possible with CE3 is well known, but it still takes a huge amount of effort and experience to build up all these assets, materials, effects and composition into something like Fort Highness. The PolyCount Thread has info, imagery and video of the WIP which reveals something of what it takes to build up a full environment from scratch without he ease of using a suite of assets from elsewhere or that came with the SDK. I love seeing how each of the assets and textures evolve and then find a home in the project, seeing it all coming together and with each update gets closer and closer to the completed digital place.

[Vincent Mayeur Fort Highness project - image via his site]

Some of the WIP Images

[Vincent Mayeur Fort Highness project - image via the PolyCount thread]

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