Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Since the family has taken to Civilization V for its gaming in the last few weeks, I thought a quick post was in order with the Civ5 expansion almost here Gods and Kings. I cant recall why I didnt have a go of Civ5 when it came out, maybe I just hadnt explored nearly enough of Civ4. But having now played a little Civ5 it is simply gorgeous to behold. The graphics, sound, animation, interface and overall feel are very refined and a joy to take in while struggling with international politics.

The mechanics of resources, units and relations with the other players are all improved over previous versions and the introduction of things like the City States is a real boost. While I havent had the time to finish any whole games, that need for 'one more turn' that is firmly embedded in my memory from the early days of Civ is still there. I think the video/trailers do a good job of showing off the game, but here are a few shots from my current game that show how pretty it all is - I love those fluffy white clouds for the undiscovered map areas. All up, this game is an upgrade to the absolute classic that is the Civ series!

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