Thursday, 21 June 2012

Megabloks WoW

One of the cool things We got to see at Supanova the other day was the all the preview sets of the Megabloks World of Warcraft toys. While I may be a Lego person at heart, Megabloks have a similar build logic, but a different take on the aesthetic. Lego is all about converting the look'n'feel of a license to the Lego mould which has a huge appeal, the fact that a little Lego Darth Vader has the same format as other characters is very cute. Megabloks is more open to having the figures match the License - so here in the WoW sets each character is a different height and build with specialised pieces and per element shading or patterns in an extensive way. This promo video explores the union of Mega and Blizzard:

Seeing the sets in person, they certainly have the Megablok feel - they dont have the crisp clarity of Lego at all, but they are very emotive of the License - in this case these famous WoW characters really come to life as Megablokiens.
Though we dont get any female characters at all (what is up with that), Arthas is super and you gotta love the Orcs. I would love to have a few of these on my shelf...

[Megabloks WoW sets - images via their flickr stream]

Other interesting licenses Megabloks have under their wing are Hello Kitty (so so cute), Halo and Starcraft is coming as well.

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