Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pirouette Wasteland Sketches

Pirouette Wasteland was a working title I used when playing with a suite of concept sketches some of which are below. The idea was a post-apocalyptic world under siege by mutations and monstrosities of various sorts. The idea that the plague ridden evil horde was out to pray upon the weak, and that includes the last remaining pockets of grace and culture. So the heroes here were to be a secluded holdout of dance students and their teachers who continue their studies while interweaving combat and survival techniques with various forms of dance instruction. Bring in the idea that when the students go out into the wasteland to gather materials they must contend with the mutagenic gases and the creatures they created. Each would wear a mask and take on a persona. The plotlines could involve other hold-outs calling for their help or the tracking and return of critical resources, even just defending the dance school from various forms of beastie would be interesting.

Anyhow, here are some of those concepts straight from the pages of the sketchbook. This book has a rough texture on the pages which gives a different feel. Most of the sketches are head-forms, but I like the visual idea of beautiful dance-based combat vs disgusting mutations.

Actually, these sketches are from a vile wasteland - lets at least inject a little of that with a groovier background for them.

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