Friday, 1 June 2012


Continuing on the Game Engine fun, a quick peek at StarForge which is built on the Unity engine and introduces a heap of interesting technical elements (and some interesting gameplay ideas). The notion of building/construction while inside the FPS reminds me of Gary's Mod and there is the relationship to Minecraft as well. From the perspective of Architecture and Design being able to manipulate the world from within the game has powerful implications - the Voxel and terrain editing shown in the trailer look fast and intuitive.
If the fort design/construction really does impact the playing of the game then that sounds clever.

There are people already posting their first looks around this interesting sandbox.


EDIT: Fixed up reference to CryEngine - this is all Unity goodness - brain reset in progress :-) 


Anonymous said...

This game is on Unity Engine, not CryEngine.

Oinkfrog said...

Gah - all fixed up now, must have had too much CryEngine on the mind when writing.