Friday, 8 June 2012

Unreal Engine 4

The joy of E3 now reveals to us some of the wonders of Unreal Engine 4. First up the cinematic video that shows off the grunt of the engine to drive this many pixels/polys overflowing with texture, lighting and particle effects. The quality for a real-time engine is superb, better than many fully rendered animations can muster.

Here is a more technical walk-through of many of the features that will be available in the engine. I love the way it handles things like the eye adaptation to the room darkening and lighting up, seems simple but all these layers add to the realism and immersion. Like CryEngine the UE can now just play straight from the editor which is a great improvement. Having step-through kismet editing I would think will be a substantial boon when it comes to coding up behaviours and it is so nicely graphical which is great for beginners. The lighting is getting so so good now, with all the bounced levels and colour, reflection, translucency, sub-surface scattering, ambient occlusion and particle integration.

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