Monday, 2 July 2012

Arma 3 Engine

With all the attention that Day Z is getting, since the creator is spending his real energies as developer on Arma III it makes sense to see what they have cooking. Arma is perhaps the lead military sim engine of this type and the next upgrade sees a suite of enhancements to models, vehicular handling, lighting, physics and so forth. One of the nice things is they are modelling up the islands in superb detail for the action to take place in:

Here are some shots of the new detail that the Real Virtuality engine will deliver (features):

[Arma3 images via the official site]

Here are some of the videos showing off the engine in action as well - I hope that Day Z is easily ported across to this level of gorgeous detail with day, night, water and weather for us to endure. Seeing the level of complexity that the realism brings - stances endurance models etc - it still seems too easy to ping a shot off at someone a gazillion metres away though. Maybe a system which sets all these attributes for a player, some with better strength, some better pain thresholds and others better shots etc etc etc

Even some of these gameplay vids for Arma 2 show the kind of gameplay that the sandbox higher realism suggests - but I have higher hopes for Day Z

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