Friday, 13 July 2012

Caprica CG

Just finished watching Caprica and it was a classy continuation of the Battlestar franchise. The characters, plots and production values were very high and it really drew us into the world of Capricans, Taurans and the fanatical STO. There were many more interesting explorations of belief and the singular god and I particularly liked the end logic where the promise of heaven for all would destroy the incentive to behave well in life - paralleling the New Cap City storyline.

One of the key aspects of the series was the CG work, for a TV show the effort and quality of the effects and digital scenes are inspirational. We are treated to full digital realms in v-world like the chaos of New Cap City with its attach zeppelins and fighter planes, the cylons, foreign worlds, cities. Having the characters situated in locations that emphasise the nature of all these worlds help build the narrative for this prequel to the major conflict to come later while tackling important issues in our real world earth.

These images are from the submission for a Visual Effects Emmy in 2009/2010 (CSI won). They not only show off the CG work of the episode and series but delve a little deeper for us on deign and integration with story telling. Check out the full post on the Drex Files blog for the originals, more images and lotsa credits.

[Caprica Emmy Bid Panels vis the Drex Files blog]

This video also comes via the Drex Files blog and showcases how much compositing into digital sets was done for the show, again - super stuff for television (well DVD for us now).

Lastly you should check the images on the arkinet blog post on how the CG team build Caprica City from Vancouver. There is something very cool about futuristic city visuals, the extrapolation of the sky-scraper and all the signature architectural statements.

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