Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Day one of three with the sexy new mocap gear the uni has purchased today, we learnt about the hardware setup, config, callibration and then a suite of different captures with one then two actors and finally props. The Vicon Tseries kit is great quality and I am keen to explore the cleanup and more software-centric side of things tomorrow. It is just still so so groovy to see a cloud of dots moving around either in the Blade software that comes with the system or feeding through into Motionbuilder with skeleton attached.

This is just a quick shot of one of the students (John) in the initial stages of us sorting out his callibration, in the background is the Blade software showing the 3D view and the IR view of one of the cameras.


While we are looking at mocap here are a few vids. The first if of the same system we are working with, this time with Kangaroos as actors. Then some behind the scenes of some of the elite users in TinTin and Crysis2!

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