Saturday, 7 July 2012

More mocap

Here area a few more pics from us doing more mocap with the new Vicon gear. The flash on the camera really makes the markers light up (extra cool) and you can see some of the Blade software running in the background as well as the actual cameras with their red rings. After the first day the trainer swapped all the lenses over to our permanent set - nice wider angle versions which gave us much better data in this space. You can see we tried facial capture (Hi Yosha) though we didn't get upto processing that - that is much more work. I think the general consensus was that the hardware capturing we were under control, but that all the software steps were a bit of a minefield and we are going to be relying on the Blade documentation a great deal.

We talked through the logic of doing the work usign the production skeleton inside blade or just bringing the markers into Motionbuilder and doing the core solving and cleanup there instead. I am still not sure which is the better approach for working with CryEngine, hopefully Max can help us out with that once we get a bit better at other aspects of the pipeline.

At some point I will gave to have a go at getting custom characters into CryEngine. There are instructions on the Crydev site for mocap cleanup, creating additive animations from 3ds Max and much more. Other sites like JustMakeGames have video tutes as well. This vid shows some realtime data coming into CryEngine.

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