Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SIGGRAPH 2012 promo

More trailers and goodies are out for this years SIGGRAPH, we have trailers for the Computer Animation Festival as well as some of the real-time tech.

I like the idea of morphing characters on the fly. One game concept I had been toying with as all about characters moving through a soup of mutagenic juices which would bring about largely random mutations providing both beneficial and unwanted powers. The idea of those characters evolving on the fly would be very cool.

You will have noticed one of the demos is for Chrysaora which is a lovely little web demo of some simulated 3D jellyfish rendering out in Javascript righ there in our browser without any plugins. Take a look in the debug options as below and you can see all the rendering layers required to do these things we take for granted. How pretty are they (here in Chrome) with the suns rays streaming through the water...

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