Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SuckerPUNCH site

Once in a while it is nice to feature a site and here is one that is chock full of interesting things SuckerPUNCH is all about design with a focus on techy digital generative artistic forms and concepts. I like the little statement of intent on their site - kinda describes what they are all about:

when was the last time you got punched by design? we are inundated by images everyday which wear us down with their hopeless nostalgia repackaged as new. weary of quirk and whimsy but still in need of a laugh and a stiff drink, we need to confront that which claims to be contemporary in an attempt to define the present. there are no more kings. we are looking to get knocked in the teeth a bit by the unexpected, the beautiful, and the present.

Anyhow, there is much to see there, maybe these images will lure you there and then on into the wider interweb...

[Images from articles on the SuckerPUNCH site] 

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