Friday, 3 August 2012

Written by a Kid

There is something magically uninhibited about the way children tell stories, much like dreams where there need not be any great rationale for actions, characters, agents or plot shifts, they all just happen in often superbly entertaining ways. So if we combine that with some clever graphics and production grown-ups and we get the hilarity that is Written by a Kid.

As of writing we have 3 little masterpieces, Scary Smath, Goth Boy and La Munkya which are all wonderful. Having Ghostbot animation, guest acting from Joss Whedon, Felicia Day producing along with the rest of the talented Geek and Sundry (creators of The Guild) gang is extra cool. We are also treated to the 'making of' vids as well, thanks guys!

There is a fair bit of craft that is hidden in the editing of the kids' stories and the final video - it really works having the fun set with the interview format - I love that huge chair.

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