Thursday, 6 September 2012

Clever Robotics

I liked that today presented a handful of nifty robotics innovations. The first those awesome guys at Boston Dynamics are still working on their cheetah-like robots with a new speed record and plans to go outside in the wild soon as well. The little bot certainly looks a blur of legs at the higher speeds which have got up to 45.5 kph now.

I still love some of their other robots like the PETMAN and AlphaDog - lets hope we hear more on these again soon.

[Boston Dynamics LS3 via their site]

Lots of other folk are working with robotics, and the folk at ARGO created the ReWalk hardware that helps paraplegic people to walk again. Lots of promo from Claire Lomas whose regular use and London Marathon efforts are showing how viable this really is. The idea of bringing robotics to the direct aid of people like this must be super rewarding for all those engineers and investors. More info in the Inhabit article.

Plus, dont forget the robot we have all the way out there on Mars doing amazing things, Curiosity is on the move and testing out all his bells and whistles. See all the updated info on the NASA site.

[Mars Curiosity Rover pic via the NASA site]

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