Thursday, 15 November 2012

Valley of Wings - Board Game Inspiration List

With more and more thinking about how to translate the world and narrative of my Moth and Butterfly world to a board game - - I have been looking (too much) at a range of games that would be fun as well as good research into mechanics, presentation as well as theme. Several of the ideas in Valley of Wings point towards cooperation (coop gameplay) like the coming together of the Butterfly and Moth individuals to stop the nature-destroying 'corruption' as well as the finding a way to cease their warring.
A major challenge (and decision) will be whether the game can be narrative based - not a simple thing for board games to deliver. Maybe things like Descent and Mice and Mystics can help me explore that frontier.
I like the idea of a game mechanic that changes things on a day/night cycle as the Moths will benefit from one and the Butterflies the other. Customised avatars are a must, the amount of character that meaningful variation brings to a hero (or a race as in Small World adds) is great to play - not just once but replayability goes way up as well. I like the idea of chapters/scenarios/adventures/quests, but they should really alter the way we play, not just be a slight variation in the end encounter or victory condition.

Anyhow, this post is also a quick list of the games that really have my eye at the moment because they tempt me for play and research reasons! So many games - so little time!

----- Descent 2E -----

[just got it, looking forward to seeing the campaign in action]

[Descent board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- D&D Castle Ravenloft -----

[played a bunch of 2 player games, very clever coop]
[Wrath of Ashardalon and Legend of Drizzt are equivalent]

[Castle Ravenloft board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Defenders of the Realm -----

[groovy pandemic mechanic but oozing theme and all those minis]

[Defenders of the Realm board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Arkham Horror -----

[The grand-daddy, would love to get into a game with this depth]

[Arkham Horror board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Mice and Mystics -----

[newcomer and looking simply gorgeous - with narative to boot]

[Mice and Mystics board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Elder Sign -----

[got this a little while ago, need to rotate it into GAMENIGHT]

[Elder Sign board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Zombicide -----

[zombies work so well for game AI and this looks like a clever version]

[Zombicide board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Shadows over Camelot -----

[heard good things, traitor mechanic could go either way]

[Shadows Over Camelot board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Super Dungeon Explore -----

[different take on the theme - serious mini heaven]

[XXX board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- Legends of Andor -----

[I trust Fantasy Flight to do even more good and look there's a tower]

[Legends of Andor board game images via BoardGameGeek]

----- World of Warcraft: The Boardgame -----

[big scope, rich theming plus horde vs alliance team play]

[World of Warcraft: The Boardgame images via BoardGameGeek]

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