Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Win8 progress and the ASUS TAICHI

I have the release copy of Windows 8 running on my HP 2760p and it is a little cleaner again than the previous iterations. I still have 'issues' with how the machine handles Win8 in tablet mode - so I dont use that, but as a touchy laptop it seems to be working ok. We still have the whole dual interface complexity though, running a mixture of metro and win7 apps is far from smooth and friendly.

One of the things I liked about Windows 7 was that applications functioned in a fairly predictable fashion, I could find help, get to settings, full screen etc with buttons generally up the top. Enter the Metro world and every app looks different and behaves in its own way. Plus most of the apps arent utilising their icon/tile in the  main menu view. Even the Desktop tile doesnt show a pic of your desktop, let alone others that should like the twitter apps or skype.

I have been playing more with the Store though and have a suite if interesting experiments from a host of vendors.


[ASUS TAICHI via the official site]

Hardware wise, we are waiting for our first Microsoft Surface to arrive, that should be interesting. In the meantime I like the idea of the ASUS TAICHI which instead of dealing with flippy screens, they just have a screen on both sides of the lid. It does take a pen (not a WACOM solution, but still 256 levels of pressure) - see the TrustedReviews article for more on that. One thing I am disappointed by is that the inner screen isnt touch - I really like touching the screen on my little laptop now, and as people start using things like the Surface by touching the screen even in laptop mode it will be missed.
While not quite available yet, it looks like it is going to be expensive here in Oz - soaring over $2K.
Despite all of that, I love that we are another step closer to having screens on all surfaces...
More info and their promo vid:

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