Monday, 3 December 2012

Coop Games and Card Creation

I have gone on something of a spree so our gaming groups can try out a suite of coop games. Apart from the Moths and Butterfly concept I have been working through - I took quite a few tangents involving drunken dwarves, ninja dancers, golems, elementals and even zany mutations. I will scan in and post up lotsa the concept sketches for these , even if the game mechanics notes arent ready.
Apart from Castle Ravenloft that is already hitting the table, we now have Descent 2E, Defenders of the Realm, Elders Sign plus Mice & Mystics - all of which I am sure will be stunning!
One thing not on the list yet is Zombicide, I think zombie AI works very well as the common enemy as they arent very smart and are quite predictable (not alot of scheming goes on in a zombie mind)

Anyhow, here is a neat little video showing one way to create a game card - with a 3D framework that is textured and then bringing in the 2D art and layering effects. This sets the bar pretty high.

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