Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Unity 4 and Serious Games

Yep, Unity 4 has arrived and comes armed with "a new animation system, graphics, special effects and performance optimizations" plus more. See the full list of New Features for all and sundry which includes all those nice visual enhancements.

This video shows off the new animation systems powerful use of Blend Trees, State Machines, IK and more.

Plus here is a little snapshot of the DirectX 11 features in the new version.

Serious Games

Apart from all the nice games that Unity can power, the Unity Serious Games Reel shows off how the engine can help with a whole range of more serious endeavours. While I might have been thinking real games a fair bit recently, I do like the idea of bringing these technologies to more and more places.

There isnt an embeddable version of this video yet - so just FOLLOW THE LINK to see the fun!

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