Thursday, 5 January 2012

Affinity Software

I was watching some of the promo vids for Trelligence Affinity which offers a pretty extensive set of tools and integrations for doing architectural programming. I like the links with sketchup and BIM and the logic of designing to a detailed specification of rooms and relationships.
It will be interesting to see if software like this is intuitive enough to bring into the design degrees, it seems as though it would be, though not appropriate for all design studios I am sure some would derive great benefit from the rigor.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Eat3D CryEngine Vids

I have started to work through the Eat3D videos: CryENGINE 3 vol 1-3 Introduction and Application. Just watching Crytek's Hélder Pinto do his little intro as he flies around a gorgeous level created with the freeSDK is inspiring. Admittedly having only watched through the first 4 parts so far we are getting a slow and steady intro to the editor - but I am keen to see it all come together. The vids arent too expensive, I grabbed the download versions rather than the DVDs, the quality seems great so far!

I will have to work through some 3ds Max tutes when I want to swap in another app...

Three Vids

Some videos that are sitting here demanding to get their day of glory on the blog - they just wont quit with the nagging.

Out of Sight is a delightful Grad project takes a nice idea and delivers for us. I like the polite cuteness of the whole thing, good films dont have to be edgy and confronting. The polish and production quality is really very high, put that on top of a lovely idea and this is a must watch.

The Embrace Life TVC I saw first on Gruen Transfer and was suitable amazed. Really poetic work and wonderfully executed.

What's not to love about a Dark Knight Rises trailer. Seeing The Dark Knight on IMAX was an intense experience, seeing this trailer reminds me of that and a hankering to do it again!

LA AutoShow Design Challenge

I always enjoy seeing the fun that designers have with the Auto Show competitions. They go far beyond a few thumbnail sketches, creating complex fleshed out designs and renderings. The 2011 LA AutoShow Challenge had a movie star theme which gave the entries a different feel. Here are some images from entries in this "Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car" Design Challenge which brought something interesting to the table in design and presentation - see the site for more:

[LA Auto Show Design Challenge Images via the official site] 

and a vid as well: