Saturday, 4 February 2012

Candy for the Soul

Here is Candy for the Soul on UNSWtv, the winner of the Best Animation Award at COFA in 2011. The creative students were David Yau, Johnni Kha, Pearl Lai and Jay Fei and Audrey Houssard and they succeeded in creating a fun little world. Their names link to their pages in the 2011 COFA Annual where they hove other works and some production images from this piece. Clearly student work, but some really nice ideas and realisation of character and concepts from the Bachelor of Digital Media.

Here are a few of the production images that reveal more of the depth and work that goes into work like this behind the scenes.

[Production images for Candy for the Soul via the COFA Annual site]


While you are here you should get a laugh from the Sheep Cyclone

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Light Festival

Check out some of the super pieces at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. The idea of light-centric architecture isnt new of course, but modern tech can take the idea in clever and artistic directions. The LED Cathedral is the centre piece of the festival and it is covered by ThisIsColossal.

[LED Cathedral images via Stijn Coppens Flickr stream]

I like the simplicity of the actual glittering detail being the actual light source, zany as the design might be. In the same way as stained glass in a cathedral like Sainte Chapelle in Paris with its towering windows of backlit glass - this self illuminating work is a visual feast. I loved our RL visit to Sainte Chapelle btw, superb piece of architecture and so bright as they restore the panels.

Check the site for more info and the vid below for some of the other pieces in the Festival.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gorgeous Guildwars Graphics Goodness

The effort that MMO veterans NCSOFT are putting into Guild Wars 2 looks very impressive**. Not only from a graphics/audio/effects/design perspective but with new and exciting gameplay logics that will hopefully challenge many of the mainstays of the whole MMO sphere.
Lets take a little tour of some of these elements kicking off (as always seems appropriate) with a full no mercy trailer:

So much going on here in terms of characters, classes, creatures,  landscapes. The look reminds me a fair bit of Everquest 2, with some nice animation in places, though it still has the floaty game engine feel. I particularly like those zombies coming out of the water and the dragonlike creature.

The trailer features some animated concept artwork as well as some preview 3D gameplayish footage. The media page on the site has some, but nothing new, so lets look at screenshots instead. As the development has continued the site has added more images to keep us checking in and here are some that really show off the design and graphical aesthetic they are going for:

[Guild Wars 2 Promo Screenshots via the official site]

I have posted before on the gameplay and concept changes - but, back to the concept art, as I truly love that aspect and what better place to look than GuildWars2Guru that has extensive forums and more on the game and heaps of concept art for us to admire including these:
[Guild Wars 2 Concept Art via GuildWars2Guru]

Also see some of Matt Barrett's building sketches on the same site (plus there's more of course).

Lastly 2 pieces from Kekai's blog - beautiful work:

[Kekai concept art for Guild Wars2 via his blog]

** EDIT -The gang at ArenaNet are the Developers on GW2 with NCSoft the Publishers - an important distinction.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Some Neato Optical Illusions

This photo that created such a wonderful accidental optical illusion is one I have been meaning to blog about for a while. As with most of my favourite illusions, I love how it still works so well even after the illusion is seen/revealed. Plus I just like the simplicity here.

This next one has done the rounds on various sites, and though it looks like Beyonce it is an Indian Actress whos name escapes me for the sec. I love the reaction you get from people for this one - the gasps! Even though we know the science for this, it is still so so cool.

This trippy image is far more potent than many of this type and really does show off how easy it is to trick our big brains. This one is so active it feels like an animated gif. Similarly these ones with the animated dots are cool as well.

Here are the links to these with the commentary on the Mighty Optical Illusions site - though they are sourced from all over the place:
Flying Carpet
Inverse Actress
Trippy Bean Wall

Monday, 30 January 2012


Here are a few videos that present some interesting ideas and realisations with the medium.

This is a super clever mashup taking an armada of  movie clips to bring Lionel's song to life in a whole new way. Some nice patience in the editing as well and something that would be fun to try if only I knew how to start such a thing - finding all the clips one at a time...

Green Hornet Multi Split Screen
We were talking about split screen ideas for work the other day and that reminded me of this sequence in the Green Hornet - lovely stuff.

Some nice CG work to bring this concept to life for the intro of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

New Vimeo
This is a clever little vid showing off where Vimeo is headed, such nice editing and realisation.

Address is Approximate
One last classy realisation of an elegant idea