Monday, 6 February 2012

Novina Works

I found the work of the Novina studio via their most recent 3d CG animation for the Warsaw Royal Castle destruction and reconstruction. Their website is kinda fun (if a little overdone), but they have extra vids and works to explore. Anyhow here are their videos for the Polish castle and the international violin competition. Both have a playful pulsing dynamic that brings an interesting character to these topics - cool.

Colossal Site

I dont often cover a site per-se preferring to look at works of various sorts - but having found this site I am so impressed with the artwork that is covered (it is clearly of a type/style that appeals to me) - I just wanted to splash some around...

Visiting Colossal reveals the gorgeous images of artistic endeavour followed by the next and the next and so on like any good bloglike site. All this without much in the way of ads all over the place ruining the experience - it is very clean by today's blog standards. Nice work Christopher Jobson. Here are some images from recent posts that show off the range. Not too many specifically digital works here, but digital elements eek their way into many things these days:

[Artwork featured on the Colossal site - great work by the artists and a cool site]

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Star Wars matte paintings and commercials

Having just watched the second disk of special features from the Star Wars bluray box set, I am again completely inspired by the vast amount of work put in by so many talented people. The disks feature a wealth of content on the concept, design and evolution of every aspect of the films elements. Here though I just wanted to call out the incredible matte paintings, which we just take for granted when watching as being amazing worlds and exotic locations.

Here are 4 lovely examples on the wookiepedia site of the huge number made for the 6 films:

[Star Wars matte paintings via wookiepedia]


But while we are here talking Star Wars here are some VW commercials using the license - and a reply: