Saturday, 25 February 2012

3D Lego Falcon

Here is a super little vid that shows off the digital 3D model of the ultimate Lego Millenium Falcon - via Technabob article. The real Lego kit is nothing short of remarkable, but here we have a treat in 3D modelling and some animation that shows off the complexity for all of us. This was done over 3 years by Francisco Prieto, who modelled up the 5000+ pieces. Hats off to all that work with 3ds Max and vray!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Box Hedge Architecture

This 2008 winning concept design for the new town of Gwanggyo, south of Seoul in Korea is the work of MVRDV. The article on the Gwanggyo Power Centre development on DeZeen provides more info on the scale and logic of the design that features terraces for all the levels with the green hedges creating the distinctive rings - (basically the text from the official site). If the final realisation ever happens and has the feel of the renders then it will be a fascinating project - all those green and white mounds...

[MVRDV Gwanggyo development renders via their flickr stream]

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trollkin and more

Here are some cool illustrations of Trollkin by Jay Axer from his DeviantArt gallery. He has been working on these for the Trollbloods book for Privateer Press' Hordes game and these images show off the great work. This sort of imagery has lots of overlap with concept art, but the product is refined to a fully rendered up piece at the end.

Taking the idea of the Trollkin and fleshing out the details is what we see here in spades, all those nice lumpy bits. The images slot together the serious and comical for us, with the light hearted elements portrayed with enough seriousness to make them also cool and look dangerous.

Anyhow, enjoy this little preview of the work, and check out the rest on the site - including much more than these blue dudes:

[Trollkin images from Jay Axer's DeviantArt gallery]

Hell, here are a couple of his other pieces from his card art for the Chaotic CCG - they are just so good:

[More images from Jay Axer's DeviantArt gallery]

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Skuther WIP

There are plenty of talented people making CryEngine and various 3D support tools do impressive things for us. New Yorker Neolight has a thread as part of his level design work that shows off his creative development and now creation WIP for his town nestled high in the rocky pillars, Skuther.

Here we have a good concept which has been developed in its larger scope, the finer details and the mood to be presented. He doesnt mention sound, but I can imagine there might be some nice audio to accompany a city in the sky with schools of bird fish hiding from the wind and aerial predators.

I love looking at the concept sheets, they are full of ideas and reveal so much of the effort that goes into a pretty final graphic. How good is the WIP ingame shot looking - hitting lots of the highs in the concept already:

[WIP Skuther images by Neolight via his thread on]


This is exactly the type of project I want to be doing - can I find the energy and time to get onto it with enough dedication??

Monday, 20 February 2012

CD Sculptures

The 3D sculptures of Sean Avery are fashioned from shards of CDs which lends them a superb reflective quality with a hint of the digital thrown in. These are images from Sean's DeviantArt Gallery showing off a couple of the creations which revel in the overlapping plastic splinters (I hope he didnt cut himself too much making these). I wish we had a little video of the light playing across these...

[Sean Avery CD scupltures via his DevianArt Gallery]