Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Butterfly Dragon

This is some lovely 2D animation work from COFA student Sushan Yue back in 2010 for her BDM. She won the 2010 Wacom Award for best 2D work in that years Annual grad exhibition and for good reason.

The piece is quite poetic as are some of the single images, here are two I like:

[Sushan Yue images via their volobird site]

Monday, 12 March 2012

AvX, Art and Super-Babies

The upcoming Marvel Avengers vs X-Men is another big cross-over event coming in April (official site). This will generate more than the usual hype with the Avengers movie getting closer and things like the Augmented Reality (AR) app as well. One things for sure, the artwork looks gorgeous, here are some promo images showing off the stable of key characters from both sides going at it:

[Avengers vs X-Men promo art]

Plus I love this piece of AvX art with everyone as kidlets:

[Avengers vs X-Men Babies by SkottieYoung via his blog]

Sunday, 11 March 2012


French legendary illustrator and comic artist Jean Giraud AKA MOEBIUS has passed away leaving behind a portfolio of unique splendour. Perhaps the most comprehensive coverage of his work is over on the Quenched Consciousness blog (thanks Ian MacEwan).

His work spans a nice array of genres and styles, but his always managed to bring something new and wonderfully quaint or mysteriously odd to the material. Here are some of the posters he did for Marvel in 1990 that illustrate the point (see Fred Schiller's post for more):

[Moebius images via Fred Schiller]

But it is pieces like these that really inspire me, fascinating worlds full of detail, yet to cleanly presented. The sense of proportion in the subject and the frame is inspiring.

[Moebius images via Quenched Consciousness]