Friday, 27 April 2012

Podaz Imagery

After many short dabbles in the 3D model rendering space dominated by Daz (studio and products) and Poser I get plenty of emails which show off the latest models and imagery. What always impressed me was the quality of the human models themselves and how easy they make it for artists who dont want to be modellers to create.
There probably will always be the Max/Maya crowd who look down on these products and works with disdain, but I like to think of them more as an easy alternative, in much the same way as Sketchup isnt a full CAD package either - but is still awesome.

So that little piece of editorial thinking is just an excuse to have a little look at some of the works coming out of artists wielding these packages at the moment. These images all came from the Renderosity and Daz galleries and look great. Full credit to the individual artists, just collaged together here:

I really like the eyes (girls and guys) so they feature perhaps a little too much in these images. I should really have done this properly so I could credit all the right people - please dive into the galleries so you can find their work and much more besides.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

CS6 and seeing things in the clouds

Adobe is revealing more and more about the pricing models for their latest version of the Creative Suite - CS6 and the Creative Cloud. The pricing around the world varies and even the info coming from Adobe isn't too consistent with respect to the new logic of the monthly payment model direct from Adobe US for the whole suite of apps and service represented in their Creative Cloud.

Even though it will be a few more weeks until we can actually grab the latest versions (mid May), the student pricing is currently sitting at $25AUD per month for Creative Cloud which is looking like excellent value for us - a turnup for the books as it was looking much more expensive actually. Getting to a page to order at this rate isnt completely simple - but for all our design students this is a step forward over previous licensing and pricing models.

Real commercial licenses look like being  $63 per month ($756/yr) or $38 intro deal for existing customers which doesnt seem too bad considering it is the full enchilada of the latest versions of all their software.


So what are we going to get, what makes this upgrade worth the change? ImagineFX listed their top 10 Photoshop reasons, and Adobe have their list as well. The things that look most interesting to me are: Photoshop's enhanced 3D tools, Premiere Pro live adjustment layers and even more content aware editing.

Even though there are lotsa alternatives, Adobe now have Adobe Story for script writing etc. Here there all too evangelistic sales pitch covers some of the newer features - actually looks pretty good despite the spin.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vids and Trailers

Having watched 2 movies at the cinema in the last week, seeing the trailers of more cool things coming up there on the big screen inspired this post. I am (as always) a fan of the trailer form, how a good trailer distils the essence of a film down to a alluring blend of character, mood, sound, actor, action, emotion and just enough plot to get the idea across.

How good are these:


But while we are here doing videos,
you just have to watch this stunning Dalek Relaxation vid as well:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sucker Punch

Just got around to seeing Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch (on BluRay) and I am very impressed. The film has the vibe of 300 along with some of the hip of something like Scott Pilgrim. All up, really loved it.

The concept of us working through the challenges for the girls inside the imagination of our protagonist is clever and the realisation of each of those worlds gives us something special. Each of the combat worlds brings us some interesting twist upon an action/battle staple of some sort, all dripping with style and visual cool along with the song/sound track.

[Sucker Punch poster via the official site]

The visual effects were parceled out to a range of studios to get the job done for each of the fantasy worlds which were all chock full of CG. The CG Society feature explains more, essentially each sequence needed a CG environment plus the virtual characters.

These behind the scene vids show off some of the amazing work that goes on to create all we see:

With a film that dives into a range of fantastic worlds like this, you would expect that there are some cool concept artists fleshing out the creative intent.

First Aaron Sims: (via ConceptArtWorld)

And now Jerad S. Marantz: (via ConceptArtWorld)


EDIT: After watching a second time and with some help, I realise that the story is even more intricate than I thought. If I understand correctly we are actually seeing Sweet Pea's story in much the same way as we have layers of the dream in Inception - all very clever and much cooler.