Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lotsa Moth and Butterfly Concepts

I haven't posted any of the Moth and Butterfly concept sketches for quite a while now, so here is a larger collection of a fair number of them all together. Sometimes I would find myself doodling something else to get a fresher feel going, you can see some of these extra bits here and there that I have left from the scans.
There is some interesting development in some of the ideas, bringing out the more geometric Butterflies through their jewellery and the Moths with those tattoos etc. The hair differences and materialarity of the two cultures is also there. (earlier sketches are at the bottom if there is a trend...)

While we are here, I liked the way when I just leave all those multiply layers on they all merge/mix together and these cool patterns emerge.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Continuing on the Game Engine fun, a quick peek at StarForge which is built on the Unity engine and introduces a heap of interesting technical elements (and some interesting gameplay ideas). The notion of building/construction while inside the FPS reminds me of Gary's Mod and there is the relationship to Minecraft as well. From the perspective of Architecture and Design being able to manipulate the world from within the game has powerful implications - the Voxel and terrain editing shown in the trailer look fast and intuitive.
If the fort design/construction really does impact the playing of the game then that sounds clever.

There are people already posting their first looks around this interesting sandbox.


EDIT: Fixed up reference to CryEngine - this is all Unity goodness - brain reset in progress :-) 

Thursday, 31 May 2012

BeamNG and Nexuiz

CryEngine is still the engine of choice here in Built Environment, UNSW for a host of real-time applications from students learning design to visualisation and research simulation. So it is fun to see new developments and projects in this space like these:

BeamNG = Soft Body Physics in CryEngine 3. This is some pretty remarkable handling of deformation, breaking and physics, a nice step up. What real-time engines can do these days with all the visual fidelity plus the simulation calculations = super.

[BeamNG via their youtube preview]


A new FPS Shooter, Nexuiz, with a nicely named high-graphics 'Stupid Mode' with all the CryEngine 3 tessellations etc running.

[Nexuiz Stupid mode comparison via the CryDev blog]

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dance-ish Sketches

Here is another compilation from my sketchbook from the last few months of things that found their way in there with some relation to some dance ideas. I was thinking the idea of heroes being dancers could make for an interesting tale and had many secondary ideas around that concept. Anyhow, these sketches are all loosely related and were often done waiting for Alicia's dance classes to finish...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Real-time Grunt

With the arrival of the Nvidia GTX 680, more things opened up for us on our journey to have real-time graphics that are astoundingly believable and impressively immersive. The Nvidia's Kepler GTX 680: Powering the Next Gen article on GameSpot by Mark Walton does a great job of bringing us the videos and info behind the scenes.

First up, I really love this image of the GTX680 die, gorgeously techie.

[Nvidia GTX680 die via Gamespot]

Here are the 3 videos from the article, first Unreal's demo of some wonderful facial and character goodies as part of a full sequence that really shows where we are at with respect to real-time cinematics. Then two demos that show physX doing some magic with fur and destruction.

Plus, if you have the will (and cash) you could fire up 4 of these babies in quad-SLI fashion just like this:

Hell, while we are here, I havent linked in this video before from last year showing off a mesmerizing real-time journey through a ever repeating structure.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Folded Paper Art Structures

This post isnt so much about the sumptuous art of origami, but rather the more mathematical paper folding into more structural/architectural structures. This post just presents a few that I ran into of late that are interesting in some way, there is something pristine about the idea of folded paper structures.


Hydro-Fold by Christophe Guberan is a rather clever way of generating the folds using a modified inkjet printer. The DeZeen article has more images and the video.


Richard Sweeney has a whole raft of forms in paper from various exhibitions that truly elevate the idea into art. All these pieces have a lovely interplay between the 2D of the paper and complexity of the final 3D form.

[Richard Sweeney forms in paper via his site]


We can also go back to the work of Ron Resch back in the 1960s and 70s who did great work in exploring this concept of tessellated sheets. See the Arkinet blog post for more info.

[Ron Resch paper structure via Arkinet]


Lastly, the work of Goran Konjevod whos organic paper forms have a nice almost scaly appearance because of the pleating method he uses.

[Goran Konjevod's organic origami via his site]

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Trek Sketches

Since I have been enjoying Star Trek online over the last little while, now and again my sketchbook grows a new Trek related pic. Here is a quick compilation of some of the sketches, sorry they are all of the top of my head, so any relation to real aliens and ships is tainted by that.

The sketches are simply scanned, then in Photoshop De-saturated before using Curves to get fix up how the paper itself scans and the right contrast. I also couldn't resist and did a quick Invert on the images to get a more spacey feel, the ships look nice like this, the 'people' slightly odd :-)