Saturday, 30 June 2012

Butterfly Concepts

Here are some sketches from the sketchbook of more Butterfly characters. I took a touch more time with the larger face in the image trying to work from many very light touches with the pencil. I like the simple illustration of the butterfly building, the drawing was very simple as I always intended to see how watercolour could present the shimmering blended colour I could see forming the shell of the structure. I quite like how easily the watercolours just naturally flow into each other - was fun.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day Z

Day Z, the new Mod (in alpha still actually) for Arma 2 brings to life 225 sq km of zombie infested Russia in chilling realism. The game engine allows for a quite rich sandbox-like environment where players can use the environment and equipment to survive as best they can against zombies and other players alike.

One of the key differentiators of the game is that players have but a single life, death and all the ways it can come to you is final. This fact plus the chilling realism of the game bring about some interesting gameplay (going by what I have heard at least) - play is scary, an encounter could end your life. Zombies are highly dangerous, running is very wise - but other players represent the greater threat as their behaviour cant be trusted. Players turn on each other for resources like food and bandages and even just to eliminate the threat the other person may pose to themselves. This is a rather haunting display of how we may react if really placed in this sort of survival situation with our fellow man.

I am hearing the experience is incredible, a new level of gaming in much the same way as stepping out for those early moments in Everquest. We have been talking about what is needed to change games, to make them more alive and immersive - well here we certainly seem to have a vital step along a certain road. Many of the videos are of people who play alot of games and seem to be able to break things down into spawn points and loot tables etc - I think I would be highly immersed and it would be scaaaaary.

I like the way Tim explains the real leaps this game has made (is making) in his article 10 Reasons Why Day Z Matters on Trembling Hand. There is alot to applaud already for a game that is still in its early days.

[Day Z imagery via the Trembling Hand article]

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Youtube Drawing

One of the marvellous things about the wealth of video we can now access with the click of a mouse is that we can now see in video form great artists drawing and sketching. We get video of comic artists, casual dudes in their homes and professional artists in all manner of media. We also get vids that are instructional, detailing various artists' approaches to drawing or creating concepts.

Here are a few videos I absorbed over the last few days, need to improve and I hope some of these tips and techniques will pay off. Some artists like Riven Phoenix (cool name for sure) have heaps for us to learn from.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MVB Sketches and more

Here are some of the more recent concept sketches and doodles for Moths vs Butterflies. Most of them are just pencil on paper (rougher paper which makes scanning tricky) but I also has a play with a little marker shading and even watercolour.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

City of Ruins

The City of Ruins project to create a 'digital stereoscopic reconstruction of Warsaw destroyed during World War II' for an exhibition starting in August at the Warsaw Rising Museum was a huge piece of work.The article succinctly provides the modelling and process images of the mammoth project that took 30 artists well over a year to process the thousands of historical photos to create the models and then build-up the city before rendering.

The final images and detail shows the almost total devastation of the city and the rendering conveys the hopeless moody feel that such destruction really means. These images show not only the quality of the final work, but much of the modelling and compositing that were required.

[City of Ruins imagery via the official site and]