Friday, 14 September 2012

Coimbra Game Art

We have had a few fun games of Day's of Wonder's Small World board game of late and one of its many fine qualities is the super art by Miguel Coimbra. Miguel's site has a feast of images from his work on this and many other games as well as artwork and illustrations for other media as well.

Small World was where I first came to his work, so lets show off his box art and then some of the lovely race portraits that add so much fun and character to a play session. There is a short interview on MeepleTown with Miguel, But check out these images - they should lure you to his site to check out more and push you to grab some more board games featuring his talents. Some of these are from his board game work, but his other stuff is so so good I had to include it as well.

 [Miguel Coimbra artwork (mostly for games) via his site]

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Movie Trailerthon

Time to pile on the movie trailers, bask in all the intensity and the craft of distilling a film down to something that draws us in, inspires our imagination and gets us wanting more. The scores, the editing and the source material (chock full of CG wizardry) are something to behold. Here are some for things coming our way...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Circuit Board Art

Just a few nifty pieces of art that rather than using computers to create digital works, used their components to make actual physical art. I like that these extraordinary little technological marvels that power our digital lives can then live on past our desire for better and faster as this sort of thing.

First some Microchip Cities by Franco Recchia who has cleverly brought together these tiny components to create very appealing high-rise landscapes. More detail can be found in the Inhabitat article and further sources as always.

 [Franco Recchia circuit board cities art via Inhabitat]

Now a beautifully crafted version of the London Underground Map made into a circuit board by Yuri Suzuki (a designer in residence at the Design Museum in London). Here you can see the finished piece but check out more in the DesignBoom post or the VIDEO.

[Yuri Suzuki circuit board map]

Lastly some clever landscape art using the PCBs as the layers in a contour model by Grace Grothaus.

[Grace Grothaus PCB art via her site]