Thursday, 11 October 2012

2012 CGawards

The world is full of CG artists and works, so when 3DWorld unveil this years CG Awards all we get is supreme class on all levels. Blender picked up the software update award which just shows the dedication to  continue to take on the big guns in this space. I kinda find it interesting in this time of touch and even cintiqs that the refinement of the Intuos tablet picket up the tech innovation award.

I might just walk through the Creative awards as they really are a cavalcade of talent:

Animated Feature Film Award > The Adventures of Tintin (Weta Digital)

Animated Short-Form Award > Ruin (Wes Ball)

VFX Feature Film Award > The Avengers (ILM/Weta Digital)

VFX Short-Form Award > Game of Thrones (Pixomondo)

CG Commercial Award > Audi 'Hummingbird' (The Mill)

Arch-Viz Render Award > House on the Coast (Notos)

Arch-Viz Animation Award > New World Trade Center (Piranha)

Videogame In-Game Graphics Award > Batman: Arkham City (Rocksteady Studios)

Videogame Cinematic Award > Mass Effect 3 'Take Earth Back' (BioWare)

There how is that for inspiration. Lastly the living legend that is John Lassiter is now a Hall of Famer.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

VianaArts BIC Pen Art

A quick peek at the remarkable artwork of Samuel Silva who's VianaArts profile on DeviantArt has a suit of his BIC Ballpoint Pen pieces for us all to admire. Yes, these images are the product of some talent and some humble ballpoint pens (see the site for more). Leaving the white behind must be super tricky (assuming that is how this is done) - I am actually still rather inspired/baffled at the results here from some simple pens (how)?? :

[VianaArts BIC ballpoint pen art via his DeviantArt gallery]

Monday, 8 October 2012

Gardens by the Bay Awarded

Wilkinson Eyre Architects have won the World Building of the Year prize at the World Architecture Festival for their Gardens by the Bay tropical garden in Singapore. This is a piece of architecture enlivened by the plants both inside and out to create a pretty impressive set of spaces that I would have loved to have been open when we visitied Singapore just 2 years ago - would have been a great escape from the heat.

I like Paul Bakers comments here "Look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes and try and investigate it from every possible aspect. And the idea of proper collaborations, not one genius idea but actually working through the problem and solving it and collectively making appropriate brilliant architecture is what is should be about." Collaboration and teamwork is intrinsically tricky, but when done well yields gorgeous results.

DeZeen have good coverage of the architecture and the World Architecture Festival (including other winners) with a slew of gorgeous imagery showing off the design thinking and the realisation.


 [Gardens By The Bay by Grant Associates and Wilkinson Eyre Architects via DeZeen]

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

The simply splendid work of the Aardman stop motion gang continues with their latest epic The Pirates! Band of Misfits. Watching on DVD today is a pretty jaw dropping, trying to imagine just how they manage to create all the incredible elements that come together to make something that isnt just fun, but a work of creative art.

There are a set of behind-the-scenes special features (plus a few more on my JB HiFi version) which take us into the various worlds of the voice actors, the model maker, animators, sound, music and more. Films are grand ventures in teamwork and this is no exception, with a whole crew of people bringing their own individual brialliances together just so we can be entertained.

These are some of the official images and production shots (via CinemaBlend) that show off the production values and design talent.

[The Pirates! Band of Misfits images via CinemaBlend]

The film is overflowing with little details, from the characters and sets and ships - to a myriad of side jokes and set elements that flavour each sequence. Whether we get a zany name for a local pub in the background of a shot, or a painting on the stairs - there is detail (funny detail) everywhere which goes to enhance the character of the film at every turn.

The DailyMail article has some more great images from the production as well as the finished product:

[The Pirates! Band of Misfits images via the DailyMail]